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It's Official...Nspire HAS ARRIVED!

2023 is here bringing with it changes we have not seen in over two decades. HUD’s transition from the legacy UPCS and HQS protocols to the new NSPIRE protocol causes us ALL to also be in transition. With NSPIRE no longer being a rumor, it is essential that your management team and maintenance staff be on the same page to be most effective in making this crucial transition.

Transition from UPCS To NSPIRE

You may have thought this new protocol would be similar but the scoring would be dramatically different. As it turns out, it’s ALL significantly different. Whether you and your staff felt like you had UPCS nailed or not, it is going to be essential that we start over from scratch. Knowing the UPCS does not prepare you for NSPIRE. From the mouths of HUD, “We need to retrain our minds”. In this training, the entire new NSPIRE protocol will be explained and understood

Includes the NPSIRE-V (the HQS Replacement)

The NSPIRE-V (“V” is for voucher) inspection standards is a paradigm shift, marking a significant departure from the outdated HQS introduced in the 1970s. But no need to worry, this comprehensive training provides a detailed understanding of these new and, at times, difficult to assess standards.

Priorities to maximize reac score

Scoring well on a REAC inspection is as important as ever. To do so, we still need to set priorities as we always have. The priorities however, have also changed. This training will also discuss how best to score using HUD’s adjusted scoring methodology and new priorities

NSPIRE Guidebooks

With over 900 pages of HUD documentation, USIG’s exclusive NSPIRE Guidebook is the perfect condensed handbook that is understandable and included in this training. A Guidebook for each of your staff will be invaluable in making this step towards understanding NSPIRE

Safe & Clean Conference Rooms

Obviously, safety is everyone's first concern and we have worked with each hotel to ensure all needed precautions are in place - including both state and CDC requirements on cleaning and more.

Cost Effective

For as little as $295, you can fully understand how to massively increase your REAC score