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Mastering REAC Prep and HCV (HQS) Made Simple!

As we enter 2024, significant changes unfold, marking a shift not witnessed in more than two decades. The transition from the outdated UPCS and HQS protocols to the modern NSPIRE protocol by HUD impacts all of us, necessitating a collective transition. With NSPIRE no longer a mere rumor, it becomes imperative for your management team and maintenance staff to align their efforts, ensuring optimal effectiveness during this pivotal transition.

Transition from UPCS To NSPIRE

Perhaps you expected the new protocol to share similarities, with only scoring variations. However, it turns out that every aspect is substantially different. Regardless of how confident you and your staff were in mastering UPCS, a reset is imperative. Familiarity with UPCS doesn't equip you for NSPIRE. According to HUD, there's a need to "retrain our minds." This training session will comprehensively cover the new NSPIRE protocol, ensuring understanding and proficiency.

Includes the NPSIRE-V (the HQS Replacement)

The NSPIRE-V (with "V" denoting voucher) inspection standards signify a groundbreaking change, veering significantly from the outdated HQS established in the 1970s. Yet, there's no cause for worry; this comprehensive training provides a detailed understanding of these novel standards. Upon completion, you will fully comprehend the pass/fail status for every conceivable defect.

Priorities to maximize reac score

Achieving a high score on a REAC inspection remains as crucial as ever. To accomplish this, we must continue to establish priorities, albeit with changes in the focus areas. This training will also address the optimal approach to scoring by incorporating HUD's adjusted scoring methodology and considering the new set of priorities.

NSPIRE Guidebooks

USIG's exclusive NSPIRE Guidebook, distilling over 900 pages of HUD documentation, is the ideal condensed handbook that is both comprehensible and integrated into this training. Providing a Guidebook for each member of your staff will prove invaluable in facilitating their understanding and navigating this significant step towards NSPIRE comprehension.


Upon finishing this single-day training, participants are welcome to take the online certification exam (additional fees are applicable). This certification stands as the gold standard for affordable housing inspection certification.
What is NSPIRE STAR Certification?

Cost Effective

At a cost as low as $295, you can gain a complete understanding of this once in a generation shift from UPCS and HQS to NSPIRE.