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Why 100% Inspections?

To prepare for REAC

With so much at stake, you can’t afford a poor REAC score. There isn’t a better way to prepare than to have the entire property systematically inspected by UPCS/NSPIRE experts. By using our resulting reports, you’ll have no problem maximizing your potential.

To satisfy annual HUD Requirement

We efficiently and inexpensively meet your HUD requirement to have all units, common areas, sites and building exteriors/systems fully inspected using PASS 4.0 (or NSPIRE V3). Additionally, we provide you with a completed MASS Certification for annual reporting.

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Why We Chose USIG

"We’re very pleased with the layout of the binder, the detail of the reports, and the fact that you certify the MASS results. Hopefully we have an option to renew.


Housing Agency

"All 33 of our sites are currently at 90 or above…thanks again for all your efforts in helping us get to this point.


Housing Agency

"The inspection went smooth as silk and your inspector was fabulous. We are very happy to hear of these defects before REAC gets here and lambastes us.


Housing Agency