2024 In-Person Training Schedule

One Class, Twice the Impact: Excel in REAC Prep and the Housing Choice Voucher Program!

Our NSPIRE training is perfectly tailored for REAC preparation and extends its relevance to the Housing Choice Voucher program, providing comprehensive insights into NSPIRE-V, the replacement for HQS. 

In our extensive in-person NSPIRE training session, we will make simple to your staff this entirely new protocol, distinctly different from the UPCS/HQS. Moreover, you will receive insights into the new capital improvements required for NSPIRE compliance. Attaining an impressive result in your first REAC/NSPIRE inspection doesn’t have to be complicated. Our trainer will also assist you in adopting the most effective strategy for scoring, employing our unique methodology and priorities geared towards achieving high scores.

Additionally, upon completion, you are invited to sit for the NSPIRE-STAR Certification exam online, the gold standard for affordable housing inspection certifications. 


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