REAC Coming? Let Us Help. 

4 Simple Steps to HIGH PERFORMER

Reaching the coveted 90+ score isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Step 1 (60-90 days out from suspected inspection date): Complete 100% Inspection (all units, common areas and “outside”)

Step 2 (14-28 days out – the day you are notified of inspection): Conduct a “Mock REAC” (outside, common area and sampling units) to ensure nothing was left unprepared and all repairs were completed.

Step 3 (day of inspection): Professional REAC Escorting. Verifying the REAC inspector conducts the inspection in compliance with the latest updates to the NSPIRE. 

Step 4 (<45 days after inspection): Submit Appeals for all issues (mistakes by inspector, work in progress, ownership issues, etc.). 

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