Maximize Your Score

The NSPIRE scoring methodology is widely known for its distinctiveness, requiring a considerable adjustment in your preparation strategy. Yet, there’s no cause for concern. Our training program is designed to cover all 400+ defects comprehensively, ensuring that you can enhance your REAC score efficiently without the need for excessive investment in addressing defects that have minimal impact on your overall score.

HQS Replacement

After five decades of using HQS, HUD now requires everyone to shift to NSPIRE for your voucher programs. It is crucial for you and your team to familiarize yourselves with these standards and understand how to implement them across various building types. Upon successful completion, you will have the opportunity to take our NSPIRE-STAR certification exam, showcasing your expertise as a national leader in NSPIRE.

Help Make The Transition

The uncertainty surrounding the new inspection process and potential pitfalls and “fails” can be overwhelming. However, by teaming up with USIG, we can clarify the NSPIRE. Our specialized training program designed for landlords comprises the NSPIRE Guidebook, easy to use Compliance Checklists, HQS to NSPIRE “crosswalks,” and additional resources. Allow us to assist in minimizing the complexity of NSPIRE and facilitating a seamless transition.