How Do I Become NSPIRE STAR Certified?

Attend any one of our many training options, whether in-person or online, and successfully complete the NSPIRE STAR exam.

What Is NSPIRE STAR Certification?

A comprehensive online exam consisting of 150-200 questions designed to assess a broad range of knowledge and skills related to the NSPIRE and physical inspection processes. The questions cover foundational concepts, practical applications and critical thinking exercises. The exam is structured to evaluate both breadth and depth of understanding, ensuring that candidates have a comprehensive grasp of the entire NSPIRE.


US Inspection Group’s certifications are widely recognized in the housing and community development industry. Achieving such certification demonstrates a true commitment to professionalism and expertise in the field of public housing inspection.


Certification from a reputable organization like USIG can enhance your credibility as an inspector. It provides assurance to colleagues, landlords and clients that you have met specific standards and possess the knowledge and skills necessary for the role.


Certification is a tangible way to demonstrate your competency and proficiency in public housing inspection. It serves as evidence that you have undergone a rigorous evaluation process and met established standards, providing assurance to clients and stakeholders.


By becoming an NSPIRE STAR inspector you are ensuing you stay informed about industry trends, regulations, and best practices, contributing to you continuous improvement and relevance in the field.