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    Training Overview

    2023 is here and with it brings changes that we have not seen in over two decades. HUD’s transition from the legacy UPCS and HQS protocols to the new NSPIRE protocol causes us ALL to also be in transition. It is HUD’s plan that UPCS/HQS be phased out in 2023 beginning with public housing in April and finishing with multi-family/HCV in October. With NSPIRE no longer being a rumor, it is essential that your management team and maintenance staff all be on the same page to be most effective in making this crucial transition.

    During this in-person full-day NSPIRE training, your USIG trainer will inform your staff of this entirely new protocol that is significantly different than you’ve been accustomed to over the past 20+ years. Secondly, you will learn of the new capital improvements necessary to be NSPIRE compliant. Lastly, scoring well on your first NSPIRE inspection does not need to be a mystery. Our trainer will also discuss how best to score using HUD’s adjusted scoring methodology and new priorities.

    So whether you are expecting a 2023 NSPIRE REAC inspection or you recognize it’s coming sooner than later, your agency’s success in this transition will depend on how well you are prepared. Education is key!

    Training Fee

    $295 each (groups of 5 or more)
    $345 each (if registering 30+ days prior to class)
    $395 each (if registering within 30 days of class)
    Price Includes Lunch


    Simple Steps To Mastering REAC
    • NSPIRE Overview
    • Understanding the NSPIRE-V (HQS)
    • Setting Correct Priorities for REAC
    • NSPIRE Protocol
      •  Outside
    • Lunch (provided)
    • NSPIRE Protocol (continued)
      •  Units
      •  Inside
    • UPCS/HQS to NSPIRE Transitioning
    • NSPIRE Compliance Checklist
    • REAC Inspection Day Planning

    What Others Are Saying

    “I had no idea there had been so many changes to the protocol since my last REAC a year ago. Because of the great handouts, we are now ready for REAC.”

    “We should have had you here years ago!”

    “We followed the steps you laid out during the class and now we are a high performer.” 

    “We went from a score of 54 to 92 because of your class and book.”

    “After attending more than a dozen UPCS/REAC classes, USIG’s is easily the best.”


    Substitutions: If you are unable to attend this seminar, you may send a substitute or receive a credit toward a future seminar at no additional charge. Please notify USIG anytime prior to the start date with the name of the substitution.

    Cancellation: You must notify USIG at least 30 days prior to the start date of the your selected seminar. If you do not notify USIG, you are responsible for the entire registration fee. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the start date of this seminar, a cancellation fee of $125 will be assessed.

    USIG reserves the right to cancel a seminar at any time. If a seminar is cancelled by USIG, registration fees will be refunded or credited in full. USIG is not responsible for airfare, lodging or other related expenses.