2023 Upcoming Live Webinars

Interactive webinars with live Q&A


Upcoming Dates
Oct 16

Perfect for both REAC preparedness and HCV/Section 8! During this 2 part webinar series (4 hours total), we will dig in and discover how very different this new NSPIRE protocol is from the decades old UPCS/HQS as we look at every NSPIRE defect using 100’s of photos and “plain English” explanations. 

“Everything you need to know about this very unique inspection standard – including point values for every defect!”

Complete NSPIRE Training only $229 
Includes the latest version of our NSPIRE Guidebook


Upcoming Dates
Sep 25

Tailored exclusively for Housing Choice Voucher / Section 8 participants – Landlords, Housing Authorities, HQS Inspectors, etc. Pass or Fail? 30-Day or 24-Hour Repair? Learn everything you need to know about the NSPIRE-V inspection standards – a paradigm shift from the outdated HQS. Using simple language  and 100’s of photos, you will fully understand what leads to inspection “Fail” to manage affordable housing effectively. 

Complete NSPIRE-V Training only $229 
Includes the latest version of our NSPIRE-V (HQS replacement) Guidebook