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Our Team


Ken Pilbin


As the founder of USIG, Ken’s brings a lifetime of valuable prior experience in working with large and small corporations. Now, with more than twenty years of experience in the REAC protocols, Ken has spent the last few years training people all across this great country in REAC preparation strategies.

Karen Howard

General Manager

For almost 20 years, Karen has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of the USIG staff. In addition to bossing all of us around, Karen fills her time scheduling over 5,000 apartments each week for inspection by our expert field inspectors. 


Kim Koger

Data Specialist

Going on 20 years, Kim has handled virtually all the administrative and customer service tasks involving our renowned inspection reports. Kim works closely with each of USIG’s field staff and clients in providing timely data and finished reports to our valued customers. 

Jacob Lierly

Account Manager

Jacob’s responsibilities are many but rarely highlighted – the one touch point that most of our clients have with Jacob is regarding contracts and associated files and paperwork. While Jake has only been with USIG for about 4 years, he’s quickly found his new home. 


Teresa Pilbin


Some of you know Teresa as Ken’s wife…but she’s also an accomplished accountant. Having worked for some of the largest organizations in the county as well as a couple non-profits, Teresa has finally brought her years of knowledge to USIG and we couldn’t be happier!

John Emery


Guru? Maybe that’s too strong – but as one of HUD’s original Certified REAC Inspectors and Trainers, John has provided invaluable experience to USIG and housing agencies nationwide. Having been involved with the protocol since its inception in the 90’s, John is also the author of our many REAC prep guidebooks.


Kenny Pilbin

Account Manager

Clearly, by now you know this is a family business – Kenny is the son of Ken and Teresa. But, after finishing grad school, we convinced (read: tricked) him to come alongside his dad and head up our HQS division. We are sure the long hours sitting alone in his office will quickly make him long for his college days again soon. 

Field Inspectors

UPCS Experts

Our inspection staff is made up of true professionals who specialize in making your job easy. These guys and girls are truly what make us different. Each inspector has more than 100,000 inspected units under their belt and pride themselves in being the best trained, most dedicated in the industry.