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Our Team


Ken Pilbin


Not just a founder of USIG, but a seasoned veteran in the corporate circus, juggling big and small acts with finesse. After surviving more board meetings than anyone should, Ken has racked up over two decades of experience in the mystical art of REAC protocols. Forget Hogwarts – Ken’s the real wizard here! In recent years, he’s taken his magical expertise on a national tour, teaching folks across this fine land the sacred secrets of REAC preparation. Move over rock stars, Ken’s the maestro of the REAC symphony, and we’re all just trying to catch a front-row seat!

Karen Howard

General Manager

For over two decades, Karen has been orchestrating the daily chaos of the USIG crew. She’s not just good at telling us what to do (which she excels at, by the way), but she’s also the mastermind behind the crazy task of scheduling a mind-numbing 5,000 apartments every single week. Move over, air traffic controllers – Karen’s managing a different kind of high-stakes traffic, and she’s doing it with a wink and a spreadsheet. She’s not just the captain of the ship; she’s the GPS navigating us through the apartment inspection seas, and we’re all just trying not to get lost in the paperwork whirlpool!


Teresa Pilbin

Accounting Manager

Sure, you might recognize Teresa as Ken’s wife, but did you know she’s also a rockstar accountant, having conquered the financial jungles of giant corporations and the wild terrains of non-profits. After slaying number dragons in the biggest organizations around, she’s graced us with her financial wizardry at USIG. We’re throwing a party in the spreadsheet kingdom, and Teresa’s the guest of honor – who knew accounting could be this cool? 

Jaida Pecorari

Staff Accountant

Come Fridays, Jaida isn’t just the payroll wizard; she’s the office MVP! Sure, she tackles the numbers like a superhero, making everyone’s payday a celebration. But that’s not all – she’s also the maestro of invoicing, conducting a symphony of numbers for both inspections and training invoices. Now, let’s circle back to those Fridays – spoiler alert: we’re head over heels, Fridays are officially Jaida’s fan club day!


Kim Koger

Data Specialist

Meet Kim, the OG of USIG – she was USIG’s first official employee, way before hashtags and TikToks were a thing. From wrangling paperwork to charming clients, Kim’s done it all when it comes to our legendary inspection reports. She’s the unsung hero behind the scenes, the puppet master pulling strings to ensure every bit of data and those dazzling reports are served up to our cherished customers faster than you can say “inspection shenanigans.” Kim’s not just good at her job; she’s the Jedi of reports and customer service – may the paperwork force be with her!

Alexis Feindel

Client Coordinator

Our unsung hero of paperwork pandemonium. While she’s knee-deep in responsibilities that would make a multitasking octopus jealous, most of our clients only get a glimpse of her when they dive into the thrilling world of contracts and scheduling. Alexis might be the fresh face in the USIG family, but she’s already carved out her nook in the paperwork wonderland. Absolutely, she may wield her magic behind the veil of contracts, but don’t let that deceive you – she’s not just a paperwork prodigy; she’s an all-around fantastic human being to boot!


Sarah Curry

Training Coordinator

Introducing Sarah, our Training Coordinator – the real brains behind turning training sessions into a huge success. Armed with a laptop and a knack for witty banter, she transforms the NSPIRE information maze into a laugh-out-loud adventure. But that’s not all – Sarah’s multitasking prowess is legendary. From shipping our renowned guidebooks with the precision of a ninja postmaster to orchestrating the logistics of 100+ hotels for our infamous NSPIRE training classes, she’s the wizard who wears many hats, all while keeping us entertained!


Kenny Pilbin

HCV Department Lead

So, in case you haven’t caught on, this is basically a family circus – Kenny, the prodigy, is the offspring of Ken and Teresa. Post-grad school, we skillfully (okay, maybe a bit sneakily) persuaded him to join the parental adventure and take the helm of our HQS division. We’re predicting that the endless hours in his office might soon have him reminiscing about the good old college days. Brace yourself, Kenny – the nostalgia is coming, and it’s bringing a strong whiff of regret for leaving the carefree campus life behind!

John Emery

NSPIRE Trainer

Guru might be pushing it, but let’s just say, John is like the Yoda of REAC inspections and training. As one of HUD’s OG Certified REAC Inspectors and Trainers, he’s been dishing out wisdom to USIG and housing agencies across the land. John’s been riding the REAC wave since the ’90s, practically doing the cha-cha with the protocol since its birth. Oh, and did we mention he’s the brain behind our stack of REAC prep guidebooks? He’s not just a certified expert; he’s the Jedi master of all things REAC, and we’re just lucky padawans soaking up his housing inspection wisdom!

Field Inspectors

NSPIRE Experts

Meet our inspection squad – a bunch of real-deal pros whose mission is to make your job so breezy, it’s practically a tropical vacation. These champs are the secret sauce that sets us apart. These inspectors are basically the rockstars of home check-ups, having clocked in a jaw-dropping 100,000+ inspections each. They’ve given more homes the once-over than a hyperactive doctor on a caffeine binge. They don’t just inspect; they perform inspection magic, and rumor has it, they can spot a maintenance issue from a mile away with their superhero vision. Trained to the nines and dedicated to their craft, our inspectors are the real MVPs of the industry – making inspections smoother than a buttered slide at a water park!