REAC Is Restarting Inspections (again)

Secretary Carson announced Friday, August 7, 2020, via HUD No 20-119, that REAC will start inspections on October 5th with the required 14-day notice arriving on or about September 21, 2020.    To ensure residents and staff of HUD properties are kept safe during the inspection process, REAC will prioritize inspections in states and localities based

REAC Is Restarting Inspections

In a recent presentation, HUD/REAC has given a bit more clarity as to when we can expect inspections to resume. While not giving an exact start date, we can extrapolate that inspections will not resume prior to late August. REAC will prioritize properties for inspection as follows: Priority #1: Multifamily properties with recent score below 80 (exc

UNIT | Most Impactful Defects

This Part 5 of our 5-part series called "20 Most Impactful REAC Defects". With over 20 years of continual experience in the UPCS/REAC arena and having reviewed thousands of REAC reports, we have compiled the 20 most important and commonly cited deficiencies. We have highlight four in each of the five inspectable areas: Site, Exterior, Systems, Comm

Is REAC Canceling All Remaining Inspections for 2020? 

Nope! At least not according to REAC’s David Vargas, Deputy Assistant Secretary. In a letter this week to REAC’s contract inspectors, Mr. Vargas said in part, “I likewise want to take the opportunity to allay all fears that inspections will be cancelled for the remainder of the year due to COVID19. On the contrary, our commitment to small businesse