From USIG Training Staff

From USIG Training Staff

REAC Is Restarting Inspections

In a recent presentation, HUD/REAC has given a bit more clarity as to when we can expect inspections to resume. While not giving an exact start date, we can extrapolate that inspections will not resume prior to late August.

REAC will prioritize properties for inspection as follows:

  • Priority #1: Multifamily properties with recent score below 80 (excluding 202/811, OHP, other high-risk population)
  • Priority #2: All other Multifamily properties (excluding 202/811, OHP, other high-risk population)
  • Priority #3: High priority Public Housing not inspected in 3 years (excluding elderly/disabled designated AMPs)
  • Priority #4: PHA and MF properties on the backlog list
  • Priority #5: Inspections awarded or scheduled prior to 3/13/2020 but not completed due to COVID-19
  • Priority #6: Properties requesting inspections
  • Priority #7: Properties with a known history of EH&S defects

An interesting side note: Because the Office of Multifamily did not waive inspection requirements but Public Housing did (until 12/31/20), we find MF much higher on the priority list. 

Once property selection/priority is made, there is further consideration given to whether or not the property can be inspected based on local health and safety restrictions issued by state or local government.

Regarding exact start dates of inspections, the following is our best educated guesses based on HUD’s presentation.

  • July 15 – HUD can approve inspection resumption while giving a 30-day notice
  • Aug 15 – Inspector can start providing 14-day notice of inspection
  • Aug 29 – Physical inspections resume

Of course, this is all predicated on no major spikes in COVID-19 cases…which is anything but a sure bet!