June 22

Nashville, TN

Hampton Inn
615 N. Main Street
Nashville, TN

Comprehensive UPCS & NSPIRE Training

Whether you are prepping for an upcoming REAC inspection or participating in the NSPIRE demonstration, our training has you covered. Together we will learn both the UPCS and NSPIRE standards, how to correctly set priorities for your next REAC inspection as well as discovering how to begin making the transition to the NSPIRE standards.

Complete UPCS & NSPIRE Protocols

Because it's vital to understand the proposed NSPIRE standards as well as prep for your next UPCS REAC inspection, we will dig deep in both inspection standards

Transition from UPCS To NSPIRE

The UPCS and NSPIRE could not be more different, so we will discuss how to practically begin the transition to these much more UNIT focused standards

Priorities to maximize reac score

Because a vast majority of us will continue being held to the older UPCS standards for the next 2 years, we will train you on our legendary process of maximizing your REAC score

UPCS & NSPIRE Guidebooks

We will provide copies of both our renowned UPCS and NSPIRE Guidebooks - along with many other handouts to aid in you fully understanding how these requirements apply to YOUR property