From USIG Training Staff

From USIG Training Staff

New Resident Notification Requirement 

On Feb 3rd, HUD started their new “follow up inspection” program called QAI. Because of the potential for a follow up inspection within 2-5 days of your actual REAC inspection, you are now required to provide notice to your residents that includes 5 additional days.

The “Notification To Residents” needs to include the dates of the scheduled REAC inspection with an additional five (5) business days following the end of the inspection to allow for potential Quality Assurance Inspections (QAI) and/or any other quality assurance activities requested by HUD.

For Example: Your REAC inspection is scheduled for March 11-12. The notice provided to the residents should announce a potential inspection between March 11 and March 19 (this would include the actual REAC inspection dates of the 11thand 12thand next 5 business days for potential follow up QA inspections).

As you can imagine, even the threat of a follow up inspection is already causing the REAC inspectors to slow down and be extremely thorough in the inspection process as they cannot afford to be found “out of standards” during these potential new QAI inspections.