From USIG Training Staff

From USIG Training Staff

Importance of a “REAC Folder”

Understand one simple fact: the longer the inspector is on your property, the more defects they will locate…plain and simple.

One of the best ways to get the day started quickly and on the right foot, is to have a “REAC Folder” ready for the inspector. This folder should contain everything the inspector needs to get the ball rolling within his software and the inspection itself.

At a minimum, your folder should consist of the following:

  • Copy of the resident inspection notification
  • Listing of units with bedbugs (they will still be inspectable)
  • Listing of 504/Handicap/Elderly units – the inspector can overlook a couple minor issues in these specific units
  • Property profile information (building/unit numbers, bedroom counts, etc.)
  • Current list of vacancies (rent-roll)
  • Weather data (has it rained in the past 48-hours?)
  • Access to all applicable certifications (fire alarms, sprinklers, elevator, boiler, lead based paint inspection, etc.)
  • General information regarding any capital improvements completed since last REAC inspection
  • Square footage of roads/drives/parking lots the property owns
  • Square footage of walkways the property owns
  • Site map with everything you do not own highlighted (roads, walkways, transformers, utility mains, etc.)

Having this information sitting on the desk awaiting the inspector will set a positive tone that could have a greater impact than all the work you completed in those two frantic weeks leading up to the inspection : )