From USIG Training Staff

From USIG Training Staff

Online REAC Prep Training

Our renowned REAC Prep Training has gone online at!! While nothing takes the place of proper classroom and field instruction, I think we have found the right mix of video instruction and quizzes to facilitate great REAC training in these new challenging times.

Some highlights of our new online training:

  • On-demand – learn on your timeframe
  • Mobile – computer/tablet/phone
  • Flexible – home or office
  • Each course includes
    • 60 minute video instruction
    • Useful handouts
    • Short comprehension quiz
    • Proof of completion / Certificate
    • Immediate access to us for any questions

As has been reported recently, REAC’s newly found thoroughness has caused scores to drop an average 12-15 points. Let’s use these online training opportunities and make the most of this “down” time by learning to prepare properlyfor this new generation of inspections.

Subjects include:

  • REAC Prep Step 1| Updates to the Current UPCS
  • REAC Prep Step 2| 25 Most Important REAC Defects
  • REAC Prep Step 3| REAC Inspection Day Planning
  • REAC Prep Step 4| Appeal Writing | Both Pre and Post Inspection
  • UPCS to NSPIRE – Understanding the Transition
  • Using “Shutdown” Time Wisely

More information can be found here