Here’s the question of the year regarding REAC inspections…should you “volunteer” your property to participate in the 2-year NSPIRE demonstration? While we don’t know all the facts quite yet, each week we are getting a clearer picture of what the demo will look like.


Some facts to consider:

  • HUD is looking for 4,500 properties nationwide with a preference to Region III  
  • Each property accepted into the demonstration will likely face a single NSPIRE inspection during the 2-year demo 
  • Properties with a current score of 70 or below, but not currently under an enforcement action can still be considered for this demonstration but may be subject to both an NSPIRE and UPCS inspection 
  • Existing REAC scores will be “carried forward” during the demonstration period
  • Requirement to submit your annual self-inspection results to HUD for “review, analysis, and where appropriate, transform the inspection data into value-added information, such as relative risk reports…”
  • Requirement to install carbon monoxide detectors as they will be within the scope of the NSPIRE inspections
  • Complete inspection standards and scoring model likely not fully defined until after demonstration has begun
  • Requirement to repair and document electronically to HUD not only the familiar exigent health and safety items (inoperable smoke detectors, blocked egress, etc.), but to include all standard health and safety issues (tripping hazards, mold/mildew, etc.)
  • HUD may make training available for participating POAs on the new protocol and self-inspection software
  • While NSPIRE property scores will be advisory only, HUD reserves the right to request an additional standard UPCS/REAC inspection. Reasons for triggering an additional “old school” REAC inspection include but are not limited to: Indication of significant serious conditions that might call into question previous UPCS/REAC scores or the properties ability to provide safe and habitable housing; a property not timely correcting health and safety issues; or other information available to HUD that would cause questioning of the property’s safety or financial stability 

If you believe you would be interested in volunteering your property(ies), you can access the NSPIRE Demonstration Registration below. 

NSPIRE Volunteer Registration