Test Your REAC Knowledge – Part 4

It’s fun to see how much we really know about  these important and always changing UPCS/REAC standards.

According to the latest UPCS standards, answer the following questions. 

Question 1: A fence that our property doesn’t own but is between our property and the house next door

a.    Is not our responsibility

b.    Will be inspected fully (possibly resulting in a 6 point loss)

c.     I don’t care…it isn’t mine

Question 2: The REAC Inspector is allowed to move mulch to see if erosion is being hidden.

a.    True

b.    False

Question 3: Regarding point loss, which is a higher priority for repair?

a.    Single damaged window screen

b.    Trip hazard in unit

c.     Any building system defect

Question 4: The strings on the pull cords for the call-for-aids are all the same – approximately 12” from the floor. Is this a defect?

a.    Yes (must reach the baseboard)

b.    No

Question 5: The key when determining a NIS (Non-Industry Standard) is:

a.    The repair was completed in a non-professional way

b.    A foreign material was introduced into the repair

c.     Both a and b