Test Your REAC Knowledge – Part 2

It’s fun to see how much we really know about  these important and always changing UPCS/REAC standards.

Question 1: Your cluster mailboxes are owned by the postal service, but one lid doesn’t latch correctly. During a REAC inspection, what is going to happen?

  • No Defect will be cited
  • Hazard/Other will be cited
  • Site – Level 3 cited (0.3 points)

Question 2: Is a  crack in our maintenance garage floor considered a “foundation crack”? 

  • Yes
  • No

Question 3: You have opted to replace your brown aluminum downspouts with more durable white PVC. Is this allowed?  

  • Yes
  • No (must color match the original downspout)

Question 4: What is a higher priority for repair prior to a REAC inspection?

  • Missing gutter splashblock (0.05 points)
  • Torn window screens (0.05 points)
  • Vines/weeds growing in fence (2.8 points)

Question 5: You have several cracks in the brick exteriors and need to make corrections prior to your next inspection. You should…

  • Fill cracks with clear silicone 
  • Disregard because you have “bigger” issues 
  • Fill cracks with material specifically designed for such purpose