REAC Inspection Scheduling

With many inspections being scheduled now because of recent REAC auctions, we thought it a great time to remind you of a few things;
  • After the contract inspector “wins” your inspection through the Reverse Auction he or she is required to make contact and set the inspection schedule within 20 days.
  • The inspector is obligated to offer you at least 3 different dates and even beyond those dates, the final date must be MUTUALLY agreed upon. Often, and possibly understandably, the inspector will attempt to “push” you into a date that fits HIS/HER schedule – you have the right to stand your ground and request a date that fits YOUR need. It’s important that you know the “period of performance” (typically 90-120 days) for your particular auction as this will set the dates by which the inspection MUST be completed.
  • You should not schedule the inspection on a Monday if the property is prone to graffiti and/or litter.
  • Speaking of Mondays, it’s interesting to note that most Quality Assurance inspections don’t take place on Mondays (or Fridays) as these are typical “travel” days for HUD employees. If you aren’t familiar with Quality Assurance….this is where your contract inspector has a HUD employee (QA) onsite to “help them” and usually results in a much lower score for you.
  • You should not schedule extensive maintenance or service of any inspectable items on your inspection day.  Keep in mind, the inspection is a “snapshot” of your property. So, if the inspector walks into a unit and the furnace is pulled apart for cleaning, he will cite it as “Inoperable” because at the time of inspection it was currently inoperable (1.4 point deduction).
  • One last bit of advice – carry a lighter, light bulbs and a step ladder with you during the inspection.
    • Lighter – you are allowed to relight the pilot of the stove….saving you as much as .5 points each time.
    • Light Bulbs – by replacing a burnt bulb the inspector will not cite the fixture as inoperable. You are not required to leave the bulb in place; take it with you as you are probably going to need it again and again (of course, be sure to take at least 1 bulb of each type used within your property).
    • Step Ladder – if the exhaust fan in the bathroom has simply been unplugged you may plug it back in to prevent a .4 point deduction.