PASS 4.0; bittersweet

REAC is busy conducting 100+ inspections each day using the PASS 4.0 protocol. As you already know, there are several “upgrades” to the new standards and the resulting Summary Report you receive after your inspection.
One of the most bittersweet changes is the ability of the inspector to add “location” and “comments” to EVERY defect (not just Level 3 as was the case with PASS 2.3)…. server ip . that’s the “sweet” part.

Now the “bitter”…the inspector is NOT REQUIRED to do so. HUD has “encouraged” them to use the comment ability, but as you know, encouraged and required are miles apart.

The inherent problem with lack of location/comment is an obvious one – It’s nearly impossible to appeal a finding if we don’t have details.

So, here is want we suggest you do; ASK your inspector very kindly to insert a location and comment on (at least) the following two defect types:

1) Site Defects – The site is a huge area and without a specific location (i.e. “in front of unit 231”) you have no shot at winning an appeal.

2) Defects with which you disagree – For example; the inspector is citing an electric disconnect box for not being locked – we know this isn’t an actual defect so you nicely ask the inspector to note a comment saying “disconnect found to be unsecured” or maybe they are citing finish blemishes on cabinets as “cabinet damage”, you politely ask them to make a comment stating “finish damage”. In most cases, this makes the appeal an easy win.

As long as you don’t abuse this system of asking him/her to note a few locations/comments, most inspectors are willing to make the notations to keep the inspection moving.

And of course, take your digital camera (with correct date stamp) along to chronicle any issues.