Upcoming Live Webinars

Interactive webinars with live Q&A

UPCS Standards
(current REAC)

Upcoming Dates
March 30-31
May 11-12
June 22-23

One simple word – PRIORITY. Scoring well on your next REAC inspection is 100% about setting the correct priorities…it is simply not enough to identify defects. After completing this 4 part webinar series (over 2 days), you will know how to properly prepare for your next REAC inspection.

All 4 webinars only $279 
Includes the latest version of our UPCS Guidebook

NSPIRE Standards
(future REAC)

Upcoming Dates
Mar 10-11
Apr 13-14
May 26-27

The difference in standards is so great that you must start planning for this new protocol now. During this 2 part webinar series (over 2 days), we will dig in and discover how very different this new NSPIRE protocol is from the decades old UPCS.


Both webinars only $149 
Includes the latest version of our NSPIRE Guidebook

Appeal Writing

Upcoming Dates
Apr 1
May 13
June 24

If you have desires of preventing huge point losses through the “pre-inspection” appeal or hope to claw points back after the inspection via the “post-inspection” appeal, this 60-minute webinar is for you. We will discuss step-by-step how to write a winning appeal for nearly every situation.

Single webinar only $79